Crypto does not equal anonymity: How to secure your privacy 2022

by Alfredo Chaim
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There is a huge myth about crypto in general that it is used for the biggest criminals in money laundering schemes due to anonymous nature of these currencies. Yet in practice most of the blockchain tokens are fully transparent for any users to check. But it does not mean that traders cannot become anonymous using mentioned below methods.

Indeed, there are multiple ways to cover the tracks of financial operations inside and outside blockchains. And it is important to learn about them in order to hide from corporations like Microsoft or Google and their malicious targeted advertisement. Important note at the beginning, you cannot buy usdt with mastercard to avoid taxes as an example. Any tax evasion methods are not condoned here.

The trap of crypto exchanges

The first stop will be all the crypto exchanges out there where most of the users will buy their first tokens. These places can be separated into 2 major categories:

  • centralized;
  • decentralized.

But when it comes to anonymity, even peer-to-peer services (decentralized exchanges) can be as far from it as regular banks. It is all a product of Know Your Customer (KYC) rules imposed by the governments. Any official money transaction company must ID their users in some shape or form to operate in most of the jurisdictions across the world.

Try looking for websites where you can make a transaction completely anonymous without a need to even create an account. Use VPN or proxy servers while doing it is also important. But buying crypto with real cash is still the best option to avoid any unnecessary attention.

Safest places to keep money

As mentioned above using any type of debit, credit or electronic banking card is the best way to compromise yourself. 99,99% of all the banks worldwide will cooperate with local government without consulting with the client first. If buying cryptocurrency with cash is not an option it is important to take these steps to cover the tracks:

  • make 2-3 online wallets and transfer cash between them before buying USDT, for example;
  • ask someone to buy coins with their banking credentials;
  • after you have acquired tokens transfer them to a different crypto wallet;
  • use crypto wallets with an option to create a new address each time transaction was made.

Another great option to look for various crypto mixing services. They offer an option to add coins into the shared wallet where it will «mix» with coins from other users. Then the user withdraws «clear» coins to any other wallet which is impossible to track further.

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